Mr. Sipp
"The Mississippi Blues Child"

Knock A Hole In It!!!


‚ÄčCastro Coleman a-k-a Mr. Sipp "The Mississippi Blues Child". 

Born August 25, 1976 to Johnell and the late Vera Coleman in the small town of McComb, MS. Mr. Sipp began playing the guitar at the young age of 6. Due to hard work and perseverance Mr. Sipp has become an awesome songwriter, musician, composer and producer. Mr. Sipp is also a vocalist and performing artist. Most of all, a God fearing hard working family man. Castro has over 125 credits to his name and has played on over 50 national recordings including several Grammy nominated projects. He has traveled to Russia and other international countries spreading his gift of music. At the age of 38, his continued goal is to keep giving people hope and enjoyment through his music. Mr. Sipp is the 2014 IBC Winner, 2014 Gibson Best Guitarist Winner and 2014 Jus' Blues Bobby Rush Entertainers Award recipient. Mr. Sipp  was also  casted in the James Brown movie, "Get On Up". Mr. Sipp's favorite quote, "I'm living to love the life that I live, Music!!!!